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WATCH: 93-year-old woman faces fear of water by going down water slide

fear of water

” height=”250 ” class=”alignnone size-full wp-image-124″ /> TOLEDO, Ohio (WLS) — A 93-year-old woman who has always been afraid of water conquered her phobia in the coolest way possible. The nonagenarian decided to let her problems wash away as she took a leap of faith down a water slide at the Francis Family YMCA, which […]

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Tips For Collecting Seashells In Virginia Beach, Virginia

Combing the beach looking for seashells can be fun for children and adults alike. Virginia Beach has a lot of different types of shells available, making it a great place to go if you are interested in starting a collection of seashells. The only downside to this part of Virginia is that it is quite […]

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Taking A Family Trip To Virginia

While people like to say that Virginia is for lovers, it’s actually a great place to go with your family! From Busch Gardens to colonial Williamsburg, there are a number of things in Virginia that can appeal to families. If you are planning a family trip to Virginia, keep these things in mind. There Are […]

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