Facebook feedback May 5: Hang It Up, New CNU housingFacebook feedback May 5: Hang It Up, New CNU housing

Tabb frame shop, gallery closing at end of May

The Hang It Up picture-framing shop and gallery in Tabb plans to close at the end of May after 35 years as the owners retire. The shop is heavily discounting the frame pieces, framing equipment, fixtures, posters and prints until it closes.

•Tina Hawks Buchanan: Another peninsula icon closing. I’ve had many pictures framed there over the years — they’re the best. Best wishes to them in their retirement!

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•Anita Athearn: Happy for their new adventures but sad at the same time. Lovely people who always greet you as friends! Best wishes!

Commissions OKs new CNU student housing

Newport News planning officials approved two requests on Wednesday that could make way for new Christopher Newport University student apartments at Hiden and Warwick boulevards. Plans call for a 248,000-square-foot building at the corner of Hiden and Warwick Boulevards, adjacent to Rappahannock River Hall, also student housing.

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•Kimmy Freeborough: The big business of the university wins again.

•Nora Marien: Absolutely not acceptable! All the people living in the Hidenwood area should band together to protest the restrictions to traffic patterns! The intersection is already busy enough since the addition of Chick-fil-A. No way is this justifiable. And the removal of the post office? Another prime example of CNU not caring about the residents of Hidenwood.

•Karen Andrews: Messing up our neighborhoods again.

•Brandee Knoll: Not happy about this one bit. College students are everywhere partying now; there will be more, then they will start working their way down Hiden to build dorms.

•Robin Bennington Ellis: Totally unacceptable! All of us taxpaying citizens of Hidenwood need to take a stand against this restricted traffic pattern.

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